Blonde, Brune et Rouge – Our Exclusive Line

BLEND Exclusive Line

Introducing the ultimate set of sensual scents with Blonde, Brune, Rouge (BBR). Fragrance is about chemistry, so match your scent to your natural complexion for amazing results.

Choose BLONDE if you’re a natural blonde and you’ll enjoy a delicately light, flowery fragrance.
Brunettes can immerse in BRUNE, a rich mixture that leans to a woody, slightly more intense aroma.
Spicy redheads will find a perfect match with ROUGE and its oriental influenced essence combination.

Sandy Blonde or Auburn? Consider our BBR sampler. Try each separately or layer them to find which best suits your personality and chemistry.

Sample set of 3/ 10 mls  $60
Choose your color in 1/ 50 ml  $75.

Complete Signature Layered Line for BBR
You receive BLONDE, BRUNE or ROUGE 50 ml bottle of eau de parfum in your fragrance choice. Choose two of the following  $400